Looking to improve your jazz singing?

Lena offers virtual and in-person lessons!

Since 2010, I have been an active workshop and masterclass instructor in the world of jazz vocal style and technique. In 2016, I opened my studio as a private instructor, and continue to offer private lessons to aspiring jazz vocalists. Please click "contact" if you are interested in learning more about lessons with me.

Basic lesson description/offerings:

I specialize in both jazz coaching and cultivating proper vocal technique. I am a classically-trained mezzo-soprano and have ~16 years experience as a performing jazz vocalist, so I help students apply healthy, classical vocal production methods to jazz and other genres. Lessons with me can focus on technique or style coaching, or a mix of both.

In lessons, I can:

- accompany you as you sing on my keyboard (for virtual lessons, more reliance on iRealPro/backing tracks)

- teach basic music skills, e.g. sight-reading & ear training, should you need them

- work on healthy vocal production, performance & mic technique

- coach in jazz vocal style -- swing-feel, interpretation, etc

- coach in vocal improvisation (scat-singing)

- learn verbal & non-verbal communication with jazz band members

- share my resources (including already-written lead sheets) with you via personalized google drive folder

- have the ability to write/print lead sheets for you (as time permits) at an hourly rate, and show you how to make charts yourself, etc.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more!